Active Bidding For Vanadium-Nitrogen From Steel Plants At the beginning of February, several steel plants entered the market to purchase vanadium alloy for replenishment. At present, the bidding of Anhui Changjiang Steel, Nanjing Steel, ZENITH and Hegang was completed. The price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy in the bidding increased from 149,500 yuan / ton to 153,000 yuan / ton by acceptance. At present, Laigang is making inquiry and the market pays attention to its bidding results. In addition to steel plant’s procurement, some of the vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers affected by the production have entered the site to purchase for orders which were received before the festival, and the overall inquiry of vanadium nitrogen alloy is relatively active. In recent days, there are more inquiries but less actual transactions in bulk market, the lowest actual transaction price of bulk vanadium-nitrogen alloy is 148,000 yuan / ton in cash.

At present, the inquiry of V2O5 flake is active, and a small amount of spot price is 95,000 yuan / ton in cash. Many vanadium-nitrogen plants are in urgent need of purchasing spot goods for replenishment, or they will face heat preservation and shutdown in the later stage. The market of ferrovanadium is quiet and the factory’s operating rate is low, the quoted price of bulk goods is 104,000-106,000 Yuan / ton in cash. Some of the manufacturers with stocks say that it is difficult to find cars to delivery goods, and the logistics is still greatly affected by the coronavirus epidemic.