Active Bidding From Steel Plants, Stable Operation Of Vanadium-nitrogen Alloy This week, the bidding price of VN alloy from mainstream steel plants was stable at 145,000-146,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance with tax, and the VN manufacturer’s quotation is 143,000-144,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax. The vanadium-nitrogen alloy is stable in operation, with slight signs of up, but the rise is a little weak. The ferrovanadium market is stable and with a small increase. Compared with last week, the purchase price of the steel plant has increased by 1000 Yuan/ton to the price of 101,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance with tax. The FeV manufacturer’s quotation is generally at 99,000-100,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax.
The downstream alloy market is stable, slightly advanced, the steel bidding is active and the transaction is positive; the upstream raw material price is stable and there is no fluctuation temporarily. The inquiry in V2O5 flake market is less, and the transaction price is still at 94,000-94,500 Yuan/ton in cash with tax. The quotation of chemical grade ammonium metavanadate is still at 91,000-93,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax, and the quotation of metallurgical grade ammonium metavanadate is not higher than 90,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax, maintaining stable operation.