Active Inquiry For Raw Material, Large Vanadium Factories Begin To Sign The Order At present, the raw material inquiry in vanadium market is relatively active. The transaction price of metallurgical grade ammonium metavanadate 98% is 92,000-93,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax, and 82,000-83,000 Yuan/ton without tax. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers are active in inquiry. The transaction price of chemical grade ammonium metavanadate 98% is mainly 94,000 Yuan/ton in cash, up by 1000 Yuan/ton slightly compared with that in late April. The transaction price of ammonium metavanadate 99% is up to 105,000 Yuan/ton in cash, the demand for chemical products is better than that in April.
In recent two days, the large V2O5 flake factories have started to sign the orders, which is still to keep the last month’s delivery price of 96,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance with tax(94,500 Yuan/ton in cash with tax). Tranvic and Desheng has started to sign the bill. Jianlong will gradually start to sign the bill today and tomorrow. In a short time, it is difficult for the V2O5 flake in bulk market to rise. This week, the cash price of V2O5 flake in bulk market is 94,500-94,700 Yuan/ton in cash with tax.