Active Offer Of V2O5 Flake, VN Manufacturers Are Waiting For Steel Plant Bidding Today, the vanadium product market continued the weak stalemate situation last week, and the offer of V2O5 flake is positive. Manufacturers and traders in the retail market quoted at 103000-104000 yuan / ton in cash with tax, while the downstream alloy factories lowered the price for purchasing, and the transaction price gradually tended to be low. Ammonium metavanadate remained weak and stable. The mainstream transaction price of ammonium metavanadate 98% is 9700-98000 yuan / ton, and the manufacturers delivered the goods smoothly. Last week, trading of VN alloy in bulk market was not smooth. Some manufacturers were worried about the falling risk in the future market, so they timely adjusted the quotation to 162000-163000 yuan / ton in cash, which was difficult to deal with at a high range. The actual transaction price was 162000-162000 yuan / ton in cash with tax. The supply of VN alloy exceeded the demand and fell under pressure. There is no fluctuation in the ferrovanadium market for the time being. The FeV50 quoted by traders is 105000-107000 yuan / ton in cash with tax, while the price quoted by the manufacturer is 108000-109000 yuan / ton, which can not be concluded. The purchasing price of the steel plant is around 107000-108000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax.
This week, a new round of bidding is gradually launched, and upstream and downstream manufacturers in vanadium market are more concerned. For some manufacturers with high VN alloy inventory, on the one hand, they pay close attention to the bidding trends in real time, on the other hand, they should sell appropriately according to the market price, and even lower the price to purchase V2O5 flakes.