Active Production Of VN Alloy Manufacturers In May, the overall trend of vanadium market is strong and rising steadily. The terminal demand of VN alloy is good, and the procurement of steel plant is more active, there are continuous bidding from steel plants every week, and the bidding price of VN alloy is climbing up steadily. Compared with the end of April, the bidding price is increased by about 10,000 Yuan/ton. At present, the signed orders of most VN alloy manufacturers are relatively intensive, at least until the middle and last ten days of June, and some manufacturers whose orders have reached July. In the short term, the manufacturers have a positive attitude. At the same time, they hope that the price of vanadium will rise steadily, and hope the rising trend will not be too fast. They are worried that after the price rise of large V2O5 flake plants in June, the price of VN alloy will fall again like March.