Active Transactions Of V2O5 Flake, the domestic vanadium market has begun to raise price, especially for V2O5 flakes and VN alloy. Due to the small reduction in production of V2O5 flakes in June and the relatively rapid consumption of bulk goods, the price of V2O5 flakes first appear to be strong. While alloy manufacturers begin to support the market on the edge of cost threat, and the domestic vanadium market appears a prise-rising mentality as a whole.

Yesterday, Tranvic and Desheng decided in advance that the price of V2O5 flakes in July will remain unchanged, with 107000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax. In the atmosphere of strong price in the market, the low transaction cash price in the bulk market is 105500 yuan / ton, and the general transaction price is 106000 yuan / ton, which is a good price with a lot of purchases. At present, the spot source of V2O5 flakes in bulk market is less, some spot goods tend to reluctant to sell. The future market is bullish, supporting the vanadium market from the raw material side.

According to quotation of ferrovanadium manufacturers, at present, most of the quoted prices of ferrovanadium manufacturers are 105000-106000 yuan / ton by cash and 107000-108000 yuan / ton by acceptance. Some ferrovanadium enterprises are quoted at 107000-108000 yuan / ton by cash, while the low price of bulk goods is 104000 yuan / ton. There was a small amount of transaction at 103000 yuan / ton by cash yesterday. Generally speaking, the manufacturer’s quotation is higher than the bulk market, although the demand for ferrovanadium is not good. However, the future market is expected to ease the weakness under the strength of V2O5 flakes and VN alloy, being stalemate in the short term.

According to the current quotation situation of VN alloy manufacturers, the quotation of the manufacturers is generally increased. At present, most of the VN alloy manufacturers quote between 161000-165000 yuan / ton by cash, and 165000-168000 yuan / ton by acceptance. The quotation of bulk goods shall not be less than 161000 yuan / ton by cash. At the end of the month, the purchase of small steel plants will increase a little, and the inquiry and offer of traders will be 158000 yuan / ton by cash. With the coming steel bidding, the positive attitude of VN alloy is conducive to a strong future market.