Affected By The Coronavirus Epidemic, Vanadium Operation Rate Is Low And The Quotation Is Rising Affected by the recent outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, the starting time of vanadium enterprises in various regions has been limited to varying degrees, and logistics in many regions has been blocked, especially in Hubei. After the festival, some steel mills entered the site to purchase and replenish the warehouse, and the spot price has been increased, and the actual transaction price has gradually increased.

According to FerroAlloyNet, the ferrovanadium plants in Hubei are generally shut down, and the vanadium-nitrogen alloy plants are also in a semi shut-down state. Some of the vanadium-nitrogen alloy plants with V2O5 flakes are still in production, but the subsequent supply of raw materials is worried, or they will face heat preservation and shut down. Due to the serious epidemic situation in Hubei, the specific time for the manufacturers to start and resume production is unclear, and further notice from the government is still needed.

At present, all the ferrovanadium plants in Liaoning are basically shut down, and the government strictly controls the resumption of work. Many manufacturers say that the start time or after the Lantern Festival, most of them do not have inventory at present, and some of them are in stock or order goods. Due to the poor logistics, the manufacturers are not willing to offer, waiting for the start of shipment.

Some vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers in Northwest China have stopped production, and Shaanxi Fengyuan, Shaanxi Huayin, Shaanxi zhongfan and CNMC Ningxia have normal production, but some of them have difficulties in continuous supply of raw materials. Xinjiang Zhonghao and Shaanxi Wuzhou have stopped production of vanadium-nitrogen alloy, and Wuzhou have maintained production of raw materials. In terms of raw materials, Shaanxi Huayuan has stopped production. At present, the manufacturers are still in the state of presentation with few quotations.

In Hebei Province, ChengSteel normally produced and shipped goods, the V2O5 flake of Chengde Jianlong maintained at the price of 96,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance, and the logistics in non Hubei area was not affected. Chengde Jinke ferrovanadium nitride was shut down and is expected to resume production after Lantern Festival. Some traders in Hebei began to enter the market to participate in the market procurement and quotation, but most of them offered higher prices, and the VN alloy was quoted at the cash price of 153,000-155,000 yuan / ton.

In Sichuan area, the production and logistics of Pangang are both smooth, while shipping to Hubei Province are relatively slow. The V2O5 flake of Tranvic and Desheng maintained at the price of 96,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance, and the shipment was kept, but it was also difficult to be delivered to alloy manufacturers in Hubei region. Traffic control in Panzhihua region was strict, V2O5 flake processing plants were also dominated by order processing, and it was difficult to have spot inventory. Most of the ammonium metavanadate and other ferrovanadium enterprises in Sichuan region also stopped production.

In view of the above situation, at present, vanadium-nitrogen alloy enterprises are in the state of semi-stop production, and the enterprises in production are basically faced with the problem of replenishing raw materials. In addition to Pangang and ChengSteel, other ferrovanadium manufacturers have stopped production in a large scale. In terms of raw materials, V2O5 flake large plants still ship on the original price, while Yudian and Hongjing are in production suspension. Most of the resumption period is expected to be after the Lantern Festival, but due to the impact of the epidemic, the actual start-up time of the enterprise has not been determined, but most of the spot prices are rising, and the bidding price of the steel plant is also rising. It is expected that the vanadium price will still rise before the outbreak is not completely controlled and during the subsequent recovery buffer period.