AMG Vanadium Reaches Supply Deal With Glencore

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV has reached a long-term agreement to supply 100% of its ferro-vanadium production to Glencore AG.

AMG’s Cambridge, Ohio-based subsidiary, AMG Vanadium, will allot the entirety of its ferro-vanadium production from its existing facility and any future Ohio facilities to Swiss-based Glencore, according to an AMG news release on Thursday September 26.

Terms of the deal, the effective date and length of the contract were not disclosed.

AMG Vanadium reached a two-year agreement beginning January 1, 2019, to supply 7 million lbs of ferro-vanadium to a large steel mill in the United States. It is unclear how the deal with Glencore will affect the agreement with the steel mill.

A spokesperson for AMG declined to provide further details.