Ammonium Metavanadate Market is Still Deadlocked and Vanadium Nitrogen Plants Keep Under Pressure Recently, ammonium metavanadate market transaction is relatively light, the purchase price of ferrovanadium, vanadium nitrogen alloy is CNY 130,000/t or below, factories are temporarily difficult to accept this price, the lowest price are insisted on CNY 133,000/t or so. Currently, vanadium nitrogen alloy plants accept orders and produce based on the cash price of CNY 210,000/t, so vanadium pentoxide cost price is controlled in CNY 137,000/t, and ammonium metavanadate cost price is in CNY 133,000/t. Vanadium nitrogen alloy factories have no profit if they take this price to purchase. Therefore, the trading in ammonium metavanadate market is rare, with no low-price transactions.

But recently, the vanadium pentoxide flake market is relatively weak, and there are deals at low prices occasionally in the market. It is expected that ammonium metavanadate will still be affected by vanadium pentoxide market, and the subsequent price may continue to be under pressure, and the stone coal vanadium extraction enterprises will also bear the pressure.