AMV Output of Shaanxi Huayuan in 2018-2019 In the first half of 2019, the output of extracting vanadium from stone coal increased slightly. In the second half of 2019, the output of extracting vanadium from stone coal decreased gradually with the low vanadium price and environmental protection supervision. In terms of annual total output, the output of extracting vanadium from stone coal in 2018-2019 is relatively stable, but there are some enterprises with obvious increase, among which Shaanxi Huayuan has a relatively obvious increase.

According to the incomplete statistics, the total output of Shaanxi Huayuan ammonium metavanadate in 2019 is about 2100 tons, an increase of 1210 tons compared with last year, a multiple increase. Since the beginning of this year, the output has gradually increased. The monthly output is basically stable at about 180 tons, and the maximum monthly output can reach 210 tons.

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