AMV Transaction Report On 11 Jan 2021 the trading of domestic vanadium product is slightly better. First, the raw material market is strong. Second, the transaction of alloys is gradually following up. This week, the price of large V2O5 flake factories is 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, and they sign orders smoothly; the retail investors followed the quotation, and the transaction price was 94500-95000 yuan / ton by cash, relatively speaking, there were few transactions with high prices. Ammonium metavanadate market maintains stable operation. The purchasing price of the alloy factories is 90000-91000 yuan / ton by cash. The operating rate of ammonium metavanadate factories is low, and the spot circulation is small. Some manufacturers are still reluctant to sell and do not offer.
In terms of alloy, supported by the cost, the quotation of VN alloy manufacturers increased steadily. The transaction of retail market reached 146000-147000 yuan / ton by cash, and the bidding price of steel plants gradually increased to 151000 yuan / ton by acceptance, with a slight increase of 2000-3000 yuan / ton compared with that at the beginning of the week. They have a positive attitude towards the market in the short and later period. The transaction of ferrovanadium market is not good. The quotation of manufacturers is 102000-103000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, but the actual transaction is deadlocked in the cash of 100000-101000 yuan / ton. The cost of V2O5 flake is stable, so it is difficult for ferrovanadium manufacturers to take orders for production.