Analogy of Battery Metals and Great Western Exploration’s Highly Prospective Assets

Changing pattern of climate with rising temperature is a significant concern, as we witnessed the prolonged effect of bushfire on the grappling Australian economy, devastating lands and livelihood. As per the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector ranked top in CO2 emissions in 2017, accounting for around 29% of the total emissions, followed by other sources of greenhouse gas emissions including electricity production and industry.

In the milieu of which, there is a global movement towards electric vehicles (EVs), courtesy to the Paris agreement, country-level regional policies towards EVs, subsidies and growing awareness among consumers to mention few.

Moreover, the Australian government has launched the Green Vehicle Guide (GVG) to guide consumers about environmental performance and fuel consumption. It also delivers figures from noise and air pollution to fuel consumption to give flexibility to consumers to analyse, thereby creating awareness among them.

The market attractiveness of EVs has proliferated, passing 5 million electric passenger cars in 2018, a 63% increase from the previous year. Also, it is worth mentioning that ~45% share in total electric passenger cars in 2018 was contributed by China, followed by Europe with 24% and the United States with 22%.

With growing demand for EVs, the market will face challenges such as technologies’ evolution, launch of new products, and threat of competition to already established automotive players. The growth in fuel efficiency regulation is also expected to boost the share of EVs to majority in the total automobile fleet.

Thus, it is quintessential to know the commodities that are required to support the growth of cleaner mobility. The battery metals such as cobalt, nickel, lithium and vanadium are needed to meet the demand coming from EVs. Also, the copper requirement will increase due to its usability from EVs to charging stations and infrastructure because of its durability, conductivity and efficiency.

Interestingly, all these commodities are present at the assets of Perth-based gold & base metal exploration company, Great Western Exploration Limited (ASX: GTE). GTE owns its assets in the Northern Yilgarn area, namely Yandal West Gold Project, Yerrida South Project, Yerrida North JV Tenure, Lake Way Potash and Lithium Brine Project, and Fairbairn Project.

The projects such as Yerrida South Project, Yerrida North JV, and Lake Way Potash and Lithium Brine Project possess attractive commodities like copper, vanadium, cobalt, nickel, potash and lithium, the major winners in the revolution of EVs.