Analysis On Domestic Vanadium Market On May 26 By the end of the month, the whole vanadium market performance has improved. On the one hand, alloy factories are active in inquiry for raw materials, on the other hand, steel mills and traders are increasing in alloy purchasing. As the manufacturers keep signing the orders, the number of spot goods in market circulation is reduced, and the holders are willing to store goods, waiting for the further raise to sell. Under the overall atmosphere, vanadium market is still on the rise trend.
1. Further raise in price of V2O5 flake
At present, the low transaction prices in the V2O5 flake market are mainly 97,500 Yuan/ton in cash, some high transaction prices reach 98,000 Yuan/ton. According to a manufacturer, the latest shipping price has reached 98,500 Yuan/ton, and the willingness of bulk goods market to ship is relatively low. Some traders who want to operate actively inquire about goods but are hard to purchase, and the hoarders generally look to 100,000 Yuan/ton in cash. The large V2O5 flake factories normally carry out the goods according to the orders, and still waiting to determine the price for next month, will take the actual market trend as the main reference.
2. The price of ferrovanadium manufacturers is stable, and it is difficult to rise
At present, the price quoted by the manufacturers is mainly at 102,000 Yuan/ton, but the actual transaction price is still mainly at 101,000 Yuan/ ton in cash. Large factories’ ferrovanadium in retail market is in short supply, and the transaction price is slightly higher. With the price rise of V2O5 flake, the manufacturers intend to maintain a strong price, and the increase of raw material cost in the future may support ferrovanadium market to be strong.
3. VN alloy market rose slightly
Due to the relatively active procurement at the end of the month, the inquiry of traders has increased significantly, but their offer is not high, with 150,000-151,000 Yuan/ton in cash. At present, the manufacturer’s offer is mainly at 152,000-154,000 Yuan/ton in cash, and the transaction price of direct supply to steel plants is at least 153,000 Yuan/ton in cash, and the transaction price of short-term futures goods is 152,000 Yuan/ton. Compared with the previous price, increased by 1000 Yuan/ton. This week, Laiwu Steel intends to purchase 180 tons of VN alloy, the bidding price is to be determined.
Due to the strong atmosphere of vanadium market, there is no lack of hype in the market, and the news of ultra-high transaction price spreads rapidly. For this reason, we suggest the speculator to keep a cautious attitude. Although the demand of vanadium in May has increased significantly, the supply side has also basically recovered constant supply, and the market has been rising steadily with a slight tightening trend, which is most beneficial for manufacturers, especially those who purchase and process materials.