Analysis On Domestic Vanadium Market On May 29 With the further development of vanadium market, the lack of raw materials becomes more intense at the end of the month. In terms of alloys, the bidding price of alloys continues to be good, and the market mentality is mainly bullish. The demand has been improved recently, and the price of rebar is also good, but the later rise of vanadium market is easy to be mixed with speculation factors. The market price will rise faster, but at the same time, it will be accompanied by unstable rise.
1. The price of ammonium metavanadate increased
In recent two days, there is very little quotation in the market of V2O5 flake. Small V2O5 flake factories have signed off their spot goods a week ago or even earlier. And the holders of V2O5 flake are unwilling to sell, including some traders who have stocks, do not quote for shipment. It is very difficult for downstream alloy factories to purchase spot products. Some alloy plants started to purchase ammonium metavanadate and ammonium polyvanadate, and the price for metallurgical use reached 95,000 Yuan/ton in cash. The processing cost for V2O5 powder was about 3000-3500 Yuan/ton. Today, although the V2O5 flake market is short of transaction and the price is not moving, the market psychological acceptance price is moving up and the future market continues to be bullish.
 2. FeV transaction price rises slowly
Up to now, the quotation of ferrovanadium manufacturers has reached 104,000-105,000 Yuan/ton in cash, and the actual transaction price is about 102,000-103,000 Yuan/ton, which is produced with previous raw materials in the early stage. Because a large number of raw materials flow into VN plants, it is difficult for FeV manufacturers to purchase raw materials. Although it will take time for downstream purchasers to accept, FeV will also show a slight upward trend under the support of cost. Recently, due to the difficulty of replenishing raw materials, most ferrovanadium manufacturers are hard to renew futures orders.
3. Bidding price of VN alloy goes up again
Yesterday, the bidding price of Xiangtan Steel was 158,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance. There is a strong mentality of holding the spot goods in the retail market. A small amount of spot quoted at 155,000 Yuan/ton. Because the later market is optimistic and the stock of raw materials is insufficient, most of the VN manufacturers have not continued to sign the bill for the time being, but most of the manufacturers have placed more than half of the orders in June. Laiwu Steel is still bidding for VN alloys today, and suppliers are active to quote, but it is still need time to get the final results, causing high market attention. Recently, Benxi Steel, Shougang Changzhi, HBIS, Jiyuan Steel, ShaSteel, JISCO and Echeng Steel are bidding. With the increase of market inquiries, plus traders are preparing to stock up, the spot goods flow of VN alloy will continue to shrink in the short term, and the market is likely to continue to be bullish.