Analysis on FeNb Import And The Price Fluctuation of VN in Jan.-Oct., 2019 Since the domestic vanadium price entered the downward channel in the second quarter, the vanadium price has been fluctuating slightly in the last three quarters, and the import volume of Brazil ferroniobium has been closely related to the domestic vanadium price.

The following is the import volume data and trend chart of ferroniobium and domestic vanadium price trend from January to October 2019:

FeNb Imports in Jan.-Oct.,2019 (ton)
Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct.
7010.284 2999.721 3200.427 4861.786 4546.789 3931 2937.352 2550.408 2385.18 3395

It can be seen from the above data chart that the trend of import volume of ferroniobium and domestic vanadium price in 2019 is basically the same, both of which are high first and then low. In January, the vanadium price was in the surplus of the crazy increase in 2018. Compared with the annual average price, the vanadium-nitrogen alloy at that time was still the “sky price”. When ferroniobium was gradually mature, it had no advantage compared with ferroniobium.In January,due to the Chinese Spring Festival, ferroniobium arrived China port intensively, the import volume reached the highest level in the whole year.In April, the price of VN alloy increased slightly, reaching about 250,000 Yuan / ton. As a result, the steel mills favored the ferroniobium with about 200,000 Yuan / ton in the market.Therefore, the import volume of ferroniobium also increased slightly in April. After June, the VN price entered a long channel of decline, falling below the threshold of 200,000 Yuan / ton, and then it had a greater advantage in price compared with ferroniobium. Therefore, the subsequent ferroniobium import volume showed a gradual downward trend.

At present, the vanadium price in the domestic market is hovering at a low level. In the application of rebar, vanadium still has an advantage. However, due to the increase in production of vanadium market itself, vanadium keeps an advantage but the price always goes to a low level. Both the vanadium price and the import volume of ferroniobium are declining. From the increase in vanadium production this year, it is difficult for the vanadium price to be significantly revised back in the short term, and it is not likely to rise the price of VN to more than 250,000 Yuan/ton. Therefore, the domestic sales volume and import volume of ferroniobium in the future market are not expected to improve greatly, mainly to maintain the rigid demand for ferroniobium.