Analysis on HRB400 12MM Price from January to August 2019 According to the HRB400 12MM price chart in 2019, the price shows a slow upward trend in the first half of the year, rising from the lowest price of CNY 4,000/t to CNY 4,440/t at the end of April, with a rise of less than CNY 440/t. Since the beginning of May, the price of HRB400 12MM has been on the downward trend as a whole. From July to August, the price keeps declining constantly. Up to now, the average price of HRB400 12MM is about CNY 3,950/t.

Since this year, the price of HRB400 12MM has been weak, the production enthusiasm of steel mills is not high. In addition, due to the fluctuation of vanadium prices, steel mills have begun to take the initiative. The procurement time for vanadium alloys is flexible. Some steel mills have two or three inquiries in a month, and they purchase vanadium alloys at a lower price at an appropriate time.