Analysis on the Output from Stone Coal in December According to incomplete statistics, in December 2019, there were 9 vanadium extraction enterprises in the production of stone coal, and another 17 enterprises were shut down. In December, vanadium prices remained stagnant. The production of ammonium metavanadate is still at a low level affected by price, environmental protection and weather factors. The continuous production stop of Yudian vanadium industry in Xichuan. According to the current trend of vanadium market, it is difficult to increase vanadium production from stone coal in a period of time.According to incomplete statistics, the output of 26 stone coal vanadium extraction enterprises in December was 645 tons, 30 tons more than that in November, including 320 tons of V205 and 325 tons of ammonium metavanadate. 

RegionThe output of ammonium metavanadate(Ton)The output of vanadium pentoxide(Ton)