Analysis On V2O5 Flake Operating Rate And Output In July 2020 According to the incomplete statistics of 25 vanadium pentoxide (V2O5 flake) enterprises, there were about 21 enterprises in production in July, the operating rate of enterprises was about 84%, and the total output was about 9935 tons, with a month on month increase of 13.8%. Pangang produced 3450 tons, ChengSteel produced 1400 tons, Tranvic 1330 tons, Desheng 940 tons and Jianlong 1300 tons.

Product Operating rate Change MOM Output(Ton) Change MOM(Ton)
V2O5 flake 84% ↑4% 9935 ↑1205

Download: V2O5 flake operating rate and output in July 2020