Analysis On V2O5 Flake Operating Rate And Output In Nov 2020 to the incomplete statistics of 27 V2O5 flake enterprises, in November, there is about 20 enterprises in production, and the enterprise operating rate is about 74.1%. The total output is about 10,114 tons,  including  3550 tons at Pangang, 1180 tons at Chenggang, 1690 tons at Tranvic, 1050 tons at Desheng , 1140 tons at Jianlong , 600 tons at at DaSteel,  down 86 tons compared with the last month.

Product Operating rate Change MOM Output(Ton) Change MOM(Ton)
V2O5 flake 74.1% 10114 ↓86

Download:V2O5 flake operating rate and output statistics in Nov 2020