Analysis on Vanadium Pentoxide Powder Operating Rate and Output in April In April, the price of vanadium pentoxide shows a weak downward trend. Vanadium with low quotation has flooded the market. Although the sources of vanadium powder is not much, it is still difficult to maintain the stability affected by the vanadium price. While the upstream ammonium metavanadate trading status is good, and the price of ammonium metavanadate almost the same as that of vanadium pentoxide in a long period of this month. Although the production of vanadium powder in chemical industry is stable and the transaction price is high, it accounts for a small market share in vanadium powder.The output of some vanadium powder enterprises in this month is lower than that in March.

According to the incomplete statistics of 36 vanadium pentoxide (powder) production enterprises, there are about 18 enterprises in normal production, the operating rate of enterprises is about 50%, 5% less than that of last month; the output is 710 tons, 240 tons less than the that of last month.

Operating rate(%)
Vanadium pentoxide powder