Analysis on Vanadium Pentoxide Powder Operating Rate and Output in June Before the end of June, the price of vanadium powder in metallurgy was similar to that of V2O5 flake, while the price of chemical V2O5 powder was slightly higher. But during the June price rise, the price of ammonium metavanadate rose sharply, even equal with the price of vanadium pentoxide. And some stone coal vanadium extraction plants were unwilling to sell ammonium metavanadate, which made some enterprises such as Chongyang Xinrui vanadium industry that purchase ammonium metavanadate to process V2O5 powder stop production and reduce production, so the operating rate and output of V2O5 powder enterprises in June is slightly lower than that in May.

According to the incomplete statistics of 35 vanadium pentoxide (powder) production enterprises, there are about 17 enterprises in normal production, the operating rate of enterprises is about 48.6%, 5.4% lower than that of last month; the output is 778 tons, 92 tons less than last month.

Operating rate(%)
Vanadium pentoxide powder