Announcement On The Capacity Replacement Plan For The Relocation And Construction Of The Vanadium-Extracting Converter Of Dazhou Iron And Steel Group In Sichuan Province

In accordance with the relevant policies of the iron and steel industry to resolve excess capacity and the “Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Measures for Capacity Replacement in the Iron and Steel Industry” (Ministry of Industry and Information [2021] No. 46), Sichuan Dazhou Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. has formulated a capacity replacement plan for the relocation and construction of vanadium-extracting converters, and it was publicized by our office from April 6, 2022 to May 5, 2022, and there is no objection during the publicity period. The construction of vanadium extraction converter must ensure that the ratio of vanadium-titanium magnetite into the furnace should be higher than 60%, and the vanadium content of blast furnace molten iron should be greater than 0.2%. The newly built vanadium-extracting converter and the steel-making converter are arranged in a staggered manner, and the vanadium-extracting and smelting shall be carried out in a duplex mode, and shall not be used for steel-making. Newly-built converters cannot be used for steel-making capacity replacement and transfer, and the double-connected steel-making converters cannot be sold separately, and the double-connected vanadium-extracting converters must be dismantled simultaneously. According to the characteristics of vanadium extraction process, the new vanadium extraction converter shall not be equipped with alloy silo, auxiliary gun system, out-of-furnace refining facilities and supporting continuous casting system, Otherwise, it will be regarded as a new steelmaking converter, and capacity replacement shall be carried out as required. Company has made a public commitment to the society to implement the above requirements, and will resolutely shut down and dismantle once violations are found. The production capacity replacement plan of the vanadium extraction converter construction project of Sichuan Dazhou Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. is hereby announced, and the public is welcome to supervise.