Armadale Begins Assessment Of Mahenge Natural Flake Graphite For Battery Applications

Aim-listed Armadale Capital has started testing, in collaboration with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the natural flake graphite produced at Armadale’s 100%-owned Mahenge graphite project, in south-east Tanzania, for battery applications.
This test work follows on from previous programmes that demonstrated that outstanding purity of up to of 99.99% total graphitic carbon can be achieved using conventional treatment.
Armadale also notes that it has been successful in its application to become the recipient of a co-funding dollar-for-dollar grant from CSIRO, whereby every dollar spent by Armadale in undertaking test work related to the testing of the Mahenge graphite is matched by a CSIRO grant.
CSIRO will use its battery expertise and knowledge to evaluate the Mahenge natural flake graphite for its suitability for use in the battery graphite market.
Graphite battery electrodes will be built and tested under different loads to determine how the Mahenge graphite compares to other graphite concentrates.
The test programme will run alongside and complement the previous test work programme which has been completed and is expected to add significantly to the marketability of the Mahenge graphite product.
Armadale is also investigating the potential for downstream test work in graphene production for the extremely high-value graphene market from its high-quality graphite concentrate.
“We are extremely pleased to take this next step in our journey towards becoming a significant graphite producer. There is a great deal of value for shareholders in this next step which we are confident will highlight the premium quality of the Mahenge graphite and allow us to confidently market it as a high-value product for the rapidly expanding electric vehicles market,” comments Armadale chairperson Nick Johansen.
He adds that the company has been involved in progressive funding discussions with a range of other parties in regard to moving forward with project development funding, and that these discussions are continuing positively.
“The Mahenge graphite project is exceptional in its outstanding economics and represents a very attractive opportunity for financiers who wish to gain exposure at a crucial inflection point in its development,” he says.