As V2O5 Flake Takes The Lead To Rise, The Bullish Atmosphere In The Vanadium Market Becomes Stronger This week, the upstream and downstream¬†vanadium¬†products rose slightly to varying degrees. Among them, retail V2O5 flake was the first to raise its quotation. On the one hand, it came from the guidance of Pangang’s price increase at the beginning of the week, and on the other hand, major V2O5 flake manufacturers are expected to increase prices in May. Therefore, under the expectation of strong support from major manufacturers, retail V2O5 flake is reluctant to sell and the quotations continue to rise, and the transaction price gradually rises to 114,000 yuan/ton in cash, with an increase of about 2,000 yuan/ton from last week. Ammonium metavanadate was adjusted simultaneously, rising nearly 2,000 yuan/ton to 106,000-107,000 yuan/ton in cash. This price is the mainstream transaction price of 98% metallurgical ammonium metavanadate, excluding chemical-grade products.

With the promotion of the raw material market, alloy quotations have been adjusted upwards. When the price of V2O5 flake manufacturers is uncertain in May, most alloy factories do not know how to quote. If the quotation is too high, there will be few transactions; if the quotation is too low, beware of a large increase in V2O5 flake in the later period and production upside down. Seeing that the vanadium price has risen significantly, traders have actively inquired, and the intention prices for purchasing gradually rose to 170,000 yuan/ton in cash for vanadium-nitrogen alloy and 119,000 yuan/ton for ferrovanadium 50. The quotations of some alloy plants are firm, vanadium-nitrogen alloy 172,000–174,000 yuan/ton in cash, ferrovanadium 50 120,000 -122,000 yuan/ton. The transaction is difficult. At present, there are still pre-orders that have not been completed, and the intention to ship is not high. It is necessary to wait and see next week’s major V2O5 flake manufacturers’ pricing in May and the bidding prices of mainstream steel mills.