Aussie Miner TNG Sets Up Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Unit

Australian resource and mineral processing technology firm TNG Limited (ASX:TNG) on Wednesday announced that it has set up a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) business unit seeking to branch out into the green energy market.
The new business is part of the company’s green energy-focused subsidiary, TNG Energy Pty Ltd, through which the miner will supply VRFBs using its own high-purity vanadium electrolyte.
TNG owns the Northern Territory-based Mount Peake Vanadium-Titanium-Iron project, a metals deposit of titanium dioxide pigment, iron ore fines products and high-purity vanadium pentoxide.
Pre-development planning of the Mount Peake project is at an advanced stage. During the Mount Peak pilot plant test work, the company produced vanadium electrolyte using vanadium pentoxide from the project.
In September, TNG announced a collaboration with SMS group, as part of which they will build and commission a Europe-based pilot plant with a capacity to produce 14 kg (31 lbs) of hydrogen per hour in the next few years.