Xingyang Steel VN Alloy Bidding Price On 7 April 2021

Product  Spec.  Price (RMB/TON)  Qty(ton)  Basis 
Vanadium-nitrogen VN16 167,000 30 Acceptance with tax

Benxi Steel VN Alloy Bidding Price On 8 Apr 2021

Date Product  Spec.  Price  Qty(ton)  Unit Basis 
8 Apr Vanadium-nitrogen VN16 169,000 60 CNY/Ton Acceptance with tax

Domestic Vanadium Market Is Stable In The Weak’s domestic vanadium product quotation summary: ammonium metavanadate of 103,000-106,000 CNY/Ton, V2O5 flake of 110,500-112,000 CNY/Ton, ferrovanadium50 of 116,600-120,000 CNY/Ton, VN alloy of 166,000-170,000 CNY/Ton, all in cash and including tax.
This week, the inquiry reduced in domestic vanadium product market, and the overall transaction is stable in the weak, and the alloy market is under pressure. The raw material end is relatively firm, and the high volume transaction is slightly difficult, but the low price resources are still very few. The seller is reluctant to sell, and the actual transaction price is 110,000-111,500 CNY/Ton. Ammonium metavanadate transaction is not much, and the manufacturer offer maintain stable, and the actual transaction price is 102,000 to 105,000 CNY/Ton in cash. Alloy market stability is weak, and under the pressure of market competition, the VN alloy manufacturers offer decreases to 166,000 to 170,000 CNY/Ton in cash. Retail actual transaction is 165,000 to 166,000 CNY/Ton in cash. Bid acceptance price is 167,000 to 169,000 CNY/Ton, down 2000 CNY/Ton compared to last week. Ferrovanadium market is deadlock, and transaction price did not fluctuate too much, and bulk price is 115,000-116,000 CNY/Ton in cash.

Vanadium Consumption Analysis In March 2021 According to FerroAlloyNet, the production of V2O5 in March is about 10461 tons in Chinese vanadium market, including 9660 tons of V2O5 fake, 801 tons of V2O5 powder. The production of ferrovanadium is 3380 tons and yield of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is 6015 tons.


Conversion Rate


Converted Consumption(Ton)

FeV50→V2O5 flake




FeV80→V2O5 flake




VN→V2O5 flake




According to the figure, the output of ferrovanadium 50 is 2610 tons, and the output of ferrovanadium 80 is about 770 tons, the total consumption should be around 5137.6 tons which are converted into V2O5 flake. The consumption of V2O5 flake for 6015 tons of VN alloy is about 8517.2 tons. And the total V2O5 flake consumption for ferrovanadium and VN alloy production is about 13654.8 tons. Suppose that the exporting volume in March is around 700 tons (convert into V2O5 flake) and the arrivals amount of imported V2O5 flake, ferrovanadium 50 and ferrovanadium 80 in March is about 200 tons(convert into V2O5 flake). In conclusion, the total market supply of V2O5 is about 10661 tons which does not include the domestic production and imported volume of ammonium metavanadate, and the total consumption is about 14354.8 tons, so the overall supply is a bit tight. Though the demands are not strong and deal price are low, the overall purchasing for vanadium feedstock from VN alloy is still relatively passive.

Iron And Steel Sector Rises And Falls, Benxi Steel Plate Falls More Than 7% In the morning trading on 9th, the steel sector rushed higher and fell. Flush data shows that as of 9:38, the steel sector index fell by 1.09%; Benxi Steel Plates fell by 7.3%, Wujin Stainless Steel fell by 5.9%, and Valin Steel, Xining Special Steel, Youfa Group, etc. fell more than 3%.

The Suez Canal Is Blocked Again to news on April 6th, the Suez Canal, which was blocked by the “Longsong Ship” stranding accident not long ago, had another accident.

According to local Egyptian media reports, an Italian oil tanker named “Rumford” was trapped in the Great Bitter Lake section of the Suez Canal due to a ship engine failure, causing the canal to be suspended.

Fortunately, this matter was quickly resolved, and shipping on the Suez Canal has resumed.  Judging from the real-time trajectory of the ship, the Rumford has moved into the Great Bitter Lake. However, the many northbound ships behind it seemed to be a little worried and were still moving slowly.  Chairman of the Canal Authority: The Suez Canal is safe  Usama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, issued a statement on April 5, making a series of factual clarifications and comments on the stranding of the “Long Grant” giant cargo ship in the Suez Canal and world media review.

Rabie said in the statement that the Suez Canal Authority has been working hard to ensure the orderly navigation of the canal and has resolved the ship stranded crisis through its own professional capabilities. The administration dispatched 15 tugboats, and nearly 600 personnel from various departments in the overall situation participated in the crisis management.

Rabiet emphasized that the Suez Canal Authority’s goal is to increase maritime rescue capabilities in the future, including the introduction of a large number of giant tugboats with powerful traction to adapt to the latest developments in the field of maritime transportation and the development of global shipyards to build giant cargo ships. trend.
Since the second half of last year, the international shipping market has been affected by factors such as container shortages and trade recovery. The shipping capacity has already been very tight, and the shipping price has been at a high level. Blocking the Suez Canal is tantamount to “sprinkling salt on the wound” of the shipping market.

Baosteel Has Developed A New Process Seawater Corrosion Resistant Steel A690M-SL According to news from Baowu Group, Baosteel Co., Ltd.’s newly developed seawater corrosion-resistant steel for steel sheet piles A690M-SL has successfully achieved the first industrial trial production in Meishan Base recently. The quality of steel coils is excellent. This indicates that Baosteel Co., Ltd.’s weathering steel series products have increased New varieties that reach the cutting-edge level of industry technology.
It is reported that at present, all the first batch of steel coils have been sent to the user’s processing center for the production and processing of steel sheet piles. On-site trial production shows that the product has good formability and the physical quality meets the design requirements.

Activists In Renewed Battle With Eskom Over New Nuclear Plant

CIVIL organisations renewed their long-running battle with Eskom after the state-owned parastatal filed response to the Nuclear-1 Environmental Authorisation (EA) appeal, which could pave way for a nuclear build in Koeberg.
Eskom released its response to the Nuclear-1 EA appeal on April 1, the eve of the Easter weekend.
Eskom last week claimed that the factors influencing a pending decision about the environmental authorisation for a new nuclear plant should “not extend to completely new circumstances and facts that arose subsequent to the original decision”. The power utility said the supplementary appeals raised objections relating to the IRP 2019, “which Eskom has not yet had an opportunity to comment on”.
It also said the release of the IRP 2019 indicated that the Cabinet clearly believed that a nuclear programme could be implemented in a flexible and cost-effective manner.
“The country’s policy-makers have taken a decision to go ahead with nuclear, as part of South Africa’s energy mix,” it said. “It is not for Eskom or the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries to question the policy-makers’ decision.” However, the Koeberg Alert Alliance (KAA) spokesperson Peter Becker Eskom’s response contained a mixture of untruths.
Becker said Eskom was pushing for a new nuclear build, overriding the country’s energy plan. “Eskom’s lawyers are asking that we step into a time machine, go back four years, assume nothing will change in the intervening time and make a decision based only on information available in 2017,” Becker said.
“The report was submitted four years ago and some of the studies last updated 10 years ago. It is not unreasonable to think some things might have changed.” In 2017, Eskom obtained environmental approval to construct the Nuclear-1 Power Station and associated infrastructure at the Duynefontein site, next to the existing Koeberg nuclear power station in the Western Cape.
However, many organisations and individuals, including the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute, Greenpeace Africa and Dear South Africa, appealed the decision by the Department of Environmental Affairs before the deadline in March 2018.
The department, however, issued an invitation for supplementary submissions after the 2010 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) was replaced by the IRP 2019. The IRP 2019 recognises additional nuclear capacity of 2 500MW contributing to the South African energy mix. Organisations then filed their submissions to Eskom, which released its 19-page response last week.
Eskom spokesperson Sikhonathi Matshantsha said yesterday that he could not respond to queries as he was not yet familiar with the KAA’s argument to the power utility’s response.
Meanwhile, a new study by the International Institute for Sustainable Development suggests that Eskom holds the key to fundamentally transforming the country’s electricity. Lead author of the study, Chido Muzondo said Eskom was seen as a barrier to renewable energy deployment
“What this research shows is that with the right business model – and sufficient political support – it is entirely possible for a State-owned utility to pivot out of fossil fuels and into more cost-effective and reliable renewable energy,” Muzondo said.

Japan Ferro-Vanadium Import And Export Statistics 202101

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Japan Vanadium Oxide Import And Export Statistics 202101

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China’s 3 Vanadium Pentoxide Flake Producers Stopped Operation In Feb

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Chinese Vanadium Pentoxide Powder Prices Stay Firm

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Echeng Iron And Steel Invites Bids For Vanadium Nitride

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Ameresco Begins Second Phase Of Department Of Defense Funded Flow Battery Investigation

Ameresco continues research on advanced energy storage systems in partnership with the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program

Ameresco, Inc., (NYSE: AMRC), a leading cleantech integrator specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, today announced that it has begun phase-two of a multi-stage investigation into how flow battery technology could support microgrids with the Department of Defense (DoD). Phase-one of the investigation was completed in April 2020 and primarily focused on evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of flow battery energy storage. Phase-two of the investigation shifts attention to physical validation and evaluation of flow batteries at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, CO.

Phase-one of the research won a 2020 Project of the Year award from the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) and Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP). This success paved the way for Ameresco to advance to the second phase of the multi-stage research program, which is being conducted in partnership with NREL, and supported by Invinity Energy Systems (LSE:IES) and S&C Electric Company. Funding for the investigation comes from ESTCP, whose goal is to identify and demonstrate the most promising innovative and cost-effective technologies and methods that address DoD’s high-priority environmental requirements.

Research collected from the project’s first phase demonstrated that there is an opportunity for Vanadium Flow Battery (VFB) storage technology to decrease diesel generation reliance and lower the cost of critical load support within a military microgrid. Given these results, the objective of phase-two is to validate the reliability and operational performance of VFB battery equipment through Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing.

“Microgrids offer enormous opportunity to provide resilient power—from military installations, to campuses to communities,” said Dr. Martha Symko-Davies, Laboratory Program Manager for NREL’s Energy Systems Integration Facility. “Flexible energy storage is a key component to incorporating more variable renewable energy into microgrid systems. We are extremely pleased to bring our advanced laboratory capabilities and expert researchers to this ESTCP project to further advance the state of the art of the technology. We look forward to sharing results from this effort, which can inform a wide range of military and nonmilitary applications.”

VN Output Rank In March 2021

Rank Company Furnace model Monthly capacity(ton) Furnace Monthly output(ton)
1 Pangang Group Vanadium Titanium & Resources Co., Ltd. Panzhihua Vanadium Products Factory Pusher kiln 800 6 700
2 Hunan Zhongxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 600 5 600
3 Heilongjiang Jianlong vanadium industry co. LTD Pusher kiln 400 4 400
3 Shaanxi Fengyuan vanadium industry science and technology development co. LTD Pusher kiln(6) 800 4 400
4 Chengde Jianlong special steel co. LTD Pusher kiln 500 3 350
5 Shaanxi Zhongfan Changsheng New Material Technology Co. Ltd Pusher kiln 300 2 300
6 Hebei Kangyinxin Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 480 2 220
7 Henan Yuqianxin Metal Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln(4) 300 2 200
7 HBIS Chengde vanadium titanium new material co. LTD Pusher kiln(4),Shaft kiln 300 3 200
7 Shaanxi Huayin Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 300 2 200
8 NSC Oriental Group Co. Ltd Pusher kiln and medium frequency furnace 300 2 180
8 Shaanxi Wuzhou Vanadium Metal Material Technology Co. Ltd Pusher kiln(6) 600 2 180
8 Panjin Hexiang New Material Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 180 2 180
9 Jiangxi Jiujiang Vanyu new material co. LTD Pusher kiln 200 2 150
10 Chengyu Vanadium Titanium Technology Co. Ltd Pusher kiln 300 0 140
11 Chongyang Qingfeng Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln(2) 280 1 120
11 Chongyang Xinrui Vanadium Industry Co. Ltd Pusher kiln 200 1 120
12 Xichang Jiuxin Vanadium Titanium Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 360 3 100
12 Panjin Changde Alloy Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 120 1 100
12 Sichuan Shuangrong New Material Technology Co. Ltd Pusher kiln 300 2 100
13 Chongyang Zhongrui Mining Co. Ltd Pusher kiln 100 1 90
13 Hubei Jingyang Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 200 1 90
13 Chongyang county chongqing vanadium alloy co. LTD Pusher kiln 150 1 90
13 Chongyang Jiufu Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 200 1 90
14 Hubei Chengfei Technology Co. Ltd Pusher kiln(2) 100 1 85
15 Panjin Yilong Metallurgical Technology Co. Ltd Pusher kiln 180 2 80
15 Xixia Zhongjia Alloy Material Co. Ltd Vacuum furnace (15) 90 1 80
15 Hebei Defeng ferroalloy factory Pusher kiln 200 0 80
16 Fujian Xinhao High-tech Material Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 100 1 65
17 Xinjiang Zhonghao Vanadium Industry Technology Co. Ltd Pusher kiln(4) 140 1 60
17 Sichuan Desheng Group Vanadium Titanium Co. Ltd Pusher kiln(2) 300 0 60
17 Jiangsu Yuxin Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln(3) 250 1 60
18 Jiangsu Zhongfan New Material Technology Co. Ltd Shaft kiln 100 1 55
19 Fujian Xinhangkai Material Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 120 1 40
20 Jiujiang Jindingtai Vanadium Nitrogen Technology Co. Ltd Pusher kiln 100 1 30

Top Five V2O5 Flake Producers In March 2021

Ranking Company Output in February 2021(Ton)
1 Pangang Group Vanadium Titanium & Resources Co., Ltd. Panzhihua Vanadium Products Factory 1980
2 HBIS Chengde Vanadium and Titanium New Material Co., Ltd. (including Zhuyu) 1450
3 Pangang Group Vanadium Products Factory of Xichang Vanadium Steel Co., Ltd 1050
4 Chengde Jianlong special steel co. LTD 1000
4 Chengyu Vanadium Titanium Technology Co. Ltd 1000
5 Sichuan Desheng Group Vanadium Titanium Co. Ltd 600

Top Five Output Of VN Alloy In March 2021

Rank Company Furnace model Monthly capacity(ton) Furnace Monthly output(ton)
1 Pangang Croup Vanadium Industry Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 800 6 700
2 Hunan Zhongxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd Pusher kiln 600 5 600
3 Heilongjiang Jianlong vanadium industry co. LTD Pusher kiln 400 4 400
3 Shaanxi Fengyuan vanadium industry science and technology development co. LTD Pusher kiln(6) 800 4 400
4 Chengde Jianlong special steel co. LTD Pusher kiln 500 3 350
5 Shaanxi Zhongfan Changsheng New Material Technology Co. Ltd Pusher kiln 300 2 300

There Is A Small Consolidation In Vanadium Market’s domestic Vanadium product quotation summary: Ammonium metavanadate of 101,000-105,000 CNY/Ton, V2O5 flake of 110,500-11,500 CNY/Ton, ferrovanadium50 of 116,600-120,000 CNY/Ton, VN alloy of 166,000-170,000 CNY/Ton, all in cash and including tax.

 After the festival, domestic vanadium market is stable and the price decreases, and it is more obvious in alloy market, and the price of V2O5 flake is relatively firm. In the past two days, the bidding price of VN alloy is 167,000 to 169,000 CNY/Ton acceptance, and the manufacturer quoted 166,000 to 170,000 CNY/Ton in cash. The alloy factory was hesitant to purchase V2O5 flake, which should not be higher than 110,500 CNY/Ton in cash. Retail vanadium still offer less, and the transaction price is 110,500-110,000 CNY/Ton in cash. Some holders of goods are reluctant to sell, and their offer is firm, and they wait and see the market. The market of ferrovanadium is relatively weak, and the quotation is stable, and the actual transaction is 115,000-116,000 CNY/Ton in cash.

Evraz To Restart Colorado Steel Oil Country Tubular Goods Mill

Evraz North America is restarting operations at its seamless pipe mill in Pueblo, Colorado, as demand for steel oil country tubular goods has picked up amid the recovery in US drilling activity, a spokesman for the company said April 6.
Production at the OCTG mill, which serves the western US as part of Evraz’s Rocky Mountain Steel operations, is expected to resume in mid-April, Evraz North America spokesman Patrick Waldron said. “Evraz North America has recalled workers and is in the process of restarting our seamless pipe mill which was idled in May 2020 in wake of the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, drop in oil prices and overall economic slowdown that hit energy markets hard,” he said. “Some workers have already returned and more are coming back in the weeks to come. As energy markets have started to recover, demand for our OCTG pipe products is picking up.”
US domestic OCTG prices have moved higher since the start of 2021 following a year of depressed pricing amid the drop in drilling activity. Prices for US oil country tubular goods rose significantly over the month to April and reached the highest level since September 2018, primarily due to rising replacement costs. The monthly Platts domestic OCTG assessment stood at a midpoint of $1,400/st April 1, up $200 over March, and up from a low of $775/st during the summer months amid the drop in drilling activity.
Prices are for J55 carbon ERW pipe.
The US rig count increased to 519 in the week ended March 31, according to rig data provider Enverus. So far this year, the total oil and gas rig count is up 113, equating to a robust average gain of about nine rigs per week.
The count has increased every week save for once in mid-February, when it stood still for a week, before surging by 30.
Compared with the early July nadir, the US rig count is up by 240, or 86%, according to Enverus data.

Australian Vanadium Seeks Federal Government Grant For Domestic Value-adding Strategy

The company’s plans to add value to its vanadium in Australia will benefit from the government assistance if it is successful in its application.
Australian Vanadium Ltd (ASX:AVL) has submitted an application for a matched funding grant under the Australian Government’s Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing National Manufacturing Priority roadmap.
The roadmap sets out plans for the government support of manufacturing in Australia, with six key areas of focus and downstream processing of critical minerals such as vanadium is one of the opportunities being encouraged through this grant funding.
Plans for value addition
AVL managing director Vincent Algar said “AVL has submitted a robust application to the Federal Government.
“Our experienced technical team, ably assisted by one of the ‘big four’ accounting companies, helped meet the tight deadline.
“The company’s existing plans to add value to its vanadium in Australia, including vanadium electrolyte production and battery manufacture, will benefit from government assistance if AVL is successful in its application.
“Plans for value addition, with the associated jobs that will be created, form part of the company’s strategy as it brings the Australian Vanadium Project into production.”
High-purity vanadium pentoxide processing circuit
The total cost of the project is $7.9 million, and AVL has applied for a matched funding of $3.95 million.
The funding will support AVL’s plan to:
Include a high-purity vanadium pentoxide processing circuit to produce battery, chemical and master-alloy grade from the Australian Vanadium Project;
Build and operate a commercial vanadium electrolyte plant based in WA, to support the rollout of vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs) in Australia; and
Assemble and manufacture prototype/demonstration residential and Stand-Alone Power Systems (SPS) based on VRFB technology for distribution in Australian energy markets.