Authority Certificate Issued For The Mount Peake Project

Australian resource and mineral processing technology company TNG Limited (ASX: TNG) (“TNG” or the
“Company”) is pleased to advise that it has achieved another important permitting milestone for its 100%-owned
Mount Peake VanadiumTitanium-Iron Project in the Northern Territory, following the issue of an Authority
Certificate (“Certificate”) for the mine site area by the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority.
The Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (‘the Authority’) is an independent statutory authority established under
the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act. The Authority is responsible for overseeing the protection of
Aboriginal sacred sites on land and sea across the whole of Australia’s Northern Territory.
To ensure that the Authority remains at arms-length from the Government, the operations of the Authority are
overseen by a 12-member board. The Board consists mainly of senior male and female Aboriginal custodians from
across the Northern Territory. The staff of the Authority is appointed under section 17 of the Sacred Sites Act and
the Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Administrator of the Northern Territory.
An Authority Certificate is an important legal document recognised under the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred
Sites Act 1989 (“Sacred Sites Act”) and issued by the Authority.
An Authority Certificate protects sacred sites from damage by setting out the conditions for using or carrying out
any works proposed, and provides an indemnity against prosecution under the Sacred Sites Act provided that these
conditions are adhered to.
The Company submitted an application for the Certificate to the Authority following execution of an Indigenous
Land Use Agreement (“ILUA”) with the Central Land Council (“CLC”) and the Enyewanteyne Aboriginal Corporation
RNTBC for the Mount Peake mine site area in October 2018 (see ASX Announcement dated 11 October 2018).
Following a review of all information the Authority has issued the Certificate in accordance with the Sacred Sites
Act. The Certificate has been issued to TNG’s 100% owned subsidiary, Enigma Mining Ltd, for an indefinite period
of time, providing that works start within 24 months of the date of issue of the Certificate.
The issue of the Certificate is a key permit the Company required before any on ground commencement of mining
operations for the Mount Peake Project.
Management Comment
TNG’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Paul Burton, said:
“This is another important milestone towards the completion of full permitting for the Mount Peake Project. We
have been able to achieve this important step thanks to the constructive collaboration between the AAPA, the CLC
and the Company.
“TNG is committed to developing a sustainable project at Mount Peake – one that meets the highest possible ESG
standards and which fosters and maintains a supportive long-term relationship with the Land Councils and Native
Title holders in the Territory. This balanced and responsible approach is vital to ensuring the Company’s long-term
progress and success.”
About TNG
TNG is a Perth based resource and mineral processing technology company focussing on building a world-scale strategic metals business based on its flagship 100%-owned Mount Peake Vanadium-Titanium-Iron Project in the Northern Territory. Located 235km north of Alice Springs, Mount Peake will be a long-life project producing a suite of high-quality, high-purity strategic products for global markets including vanadium pentoxide, titanium dioxide pigment and iron ore fines. The project, which is expected to be a top-10 global producer, has received Major Project Facilitation status from the Northern Territory Government.