AVL Achieves Vanadium Extraction Process Improvements

Australian Vanadium Limited (AVL) has successfully trialled an innovative process to improve vanadium extraction, which achieved 95.5 per cent extraction rates. The resource company will now commence a detailed pilot scale test program as part of its aim to become a world-leading producer of the resource.

“AVL is increasing its competitive advantage through process innovation. Our vanadium ore is very well suited to the traditional salt-roast methods, but we see opportunity in our testwork for processing improvements that could lead us to a world leading position when in production,” managing director, Vincent Algar, said.

“Improved vanadium recoveries, coupled with the potential to reduce gas consumption and related operating cost reductions, further reinforces the Project’s position as a desirable investment.

“Utilising the Grate Kiln technology, which is well-understood and with a proven track record in the iron ore, titanium and steel industries, is an innovation that our highly technical team has pursued as a result of the diligent testwork they are undertaking,” Algar said.

Laboratory testwork completed in Brisbane in 2019 indicated that a pelletised roast and water leach of AVL’s vanadium rich concentrate improved extractionrelative to traditional rotary kiln processing. The extraction was as high as 95.5 per cent, under optimised temperatures, bed depths and retention times.

AVL is focussed on offering investors exposure to all aspects of the vanadium value chain, from resource through to steel and energy storage opportunities.