Bjørn Nyland Tests Tesla Model 3 Performance Battery Capacity

The almost new Tesla Model 3 can use over 73 kWh of battery capacity for driving.

Bjørn Nyland recently tested the battery capacity of his new Tesla Model 3 Performance, although the car already covered 8,398 km (5219 miles) so it’s not all-new any more.

After taking a full charge, the Model 3 was able to drive for over 500 km (310 miles) and still had some juice left. Here are the results:

distance: 500.9 km + 14 km left for a total of 514.9 km (320 miles), close to the 310 miles EPA rating
Car computer shows energy consumption of 71.1 kWh at an average of 142 Wh/km
Assuming 150 Wh/km the total usable capacity was 73.2 kWh

Bjørn Nyland was a little surprised that there is slightly less available battery capacity than he anticipated (around 74 kWh), but anyway, the range of the car is very high.

As the first reference point was marked, now we are waiting to find out how the capacity/range will change over distance/time.