CGN’s 100MW/200MWh All-vanadium Liquid Flow Centralized Energy Storage Power Station Plans To Start Construction In December

Xiangyang welcomes the layout of “central enterprises” again! The China Guangdong Nuclear Power High-tech Zone project has been approved, and construction is planned to start in December 2021, with a total project investment of 1 billion Yuan.
The project is located to the east of Xiangyang Avenue, west of Shenzhen Avenue, and north of Industrial Avenue, in the hinterland of Shenzhen Industrial Park. It is planned to build a “centralized energy storage power station” with a construction scale of 100MW/200MWh and a total area of about 49.8 mu. The energy storage system adopts all-vanadium¬†flow battery and adopts outdoor layout plan; a step-up power distribution device is built in the station, and a total of 2 oil-immersed on-load voltage regulating transformers are installed in the station, with a single capacity of 120MVA and 110kV using outdoor GIS equipment.
It is worth noting that the construction unit of the project is China General Nuclear Power New Energy Xiangyang Co., Ltd., and its major shareholder is the “China General Nuclear Power Group”, the enterprise is a large-scale and powerful central enterprise, ranking 196th among the “Top 500” Chinese enterprises. With the official landing of the project, regional development will add “hard core” impetus.
With the mission of “developing clean energy and benefiting human society”, CGN has established a 4+X business segment after more than 40 years of development, with 2 mainland listing platforms and 3 Hong Kong listing platforms.