Chengde First Vanadium Energy Storage Demonstration Project Landed In HBIS Chengsteel On May 13, four or five engineers of HBIS ChengSteel carried out the final commissioning for the equipment of 5kW/20kWh all vanadium liquid flow battery energy storage system. This new technological achievement that changes the energy utilization efficiency has been successfully converted into photovoltaic-vanadium energy storage demonstration project, which not only brings the high-end industrialization of vanadium materials to a new level, but also ushers in a new era of comprehensive energy utilization.
“The first discharge of the integrated project of vanadium battery optical storage and charging has been successfully completed, and the solar panel is running normally!” Qi Jian, an expert of HBIS ChengSteel vanadium and titanium technology, who participated in the commissioning of the equipment, was proud to introduce: “this marks the final commissioning phase of the first vanadium storage demonstration project in the company and even the city. After several cycles of verification, it will be officially put into use later.”
The energy storage technology of all vanadium liquid flow battery (referred to as “vanadium battery”) is characterized by high energy conversion efficiency, long cycle life, safety and environmental protection. It is an excellent energy storage device used in the process of solar and wind power generation. It can also be used for peak load regulation of power grid, improving the stability of power grid, and ensuring the safety of power grid.
Over the years, HBIS ChengSteel has been based on the advantages of vanadium and titanium, highlighting the concept of vanadium, building a vanadium brand, doing a good job in vanadium industry, and accelerating the extension of vanadium product industry chain. The technical research and development team is continuously committed to improving the clean production of chemical grade high-purity vanadium pentoxide, further reducing and preparing the high-efficiency purification technical route characterized by electrolyte, and preparing the high-purity and high-performance vanadium battery electrolyte with low impurity content, high product stability and low production cost. At present, ChengSteel has developed a number of mature technologies with more than 10 independent intellectual property rights, which are suitable for the preparation of high-purity vanadium oxide and commercial electrolyte for all vanadium flow battery.
In addition, according to the person in charge of the vanadium titanium research and development center of ChengSteel, HBIS ChengSteel has successfully developed a series of commercial vanadium electrolyte detection technology, which provides complete and accurate data support for the development, research and large-scale production of commercial vanadium electrolyte and vanadium battery, and the detection method has reached the international advanced level in the same field.
The vanadium energy storage demonstration project under construction is 5kW/ 20kWh. Through the analysis and demonstration of the feasibility and technical scheme of the all vanadium liquid flow battery energy storage system, the photovoltaic power generation and vanadium battery energy storage system have been realized and converted into direct current and alternating current through equipment, which are applied to the plant lighting system in the vanadium titanium industrial park of HBIS ChengSteel when avoiding the peak and staying in the valley.
Qi Jian said that this is the first commercial application of the vanadium battery in HBIS ChengSteel. Its application data will provide strong support for the development of high-end field cooperation, and it will have a broad market prospect in the fields of wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, grid peak regulation, distributed power station, communication base station, etc. in the future.