Chengyu Vanadium And Titanium Technology Plans To Invest In The Construction Of A 2W Cubic Meter All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Project

Tranvic Group Chengyu Vanadium and Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the overhaul of the converter in the new plant by mid-March, but the blast furnace in the old plant is expected to be overhauled until mid-April, and the output of V2O5 flake this month is expected to be more than 700 tons; Due to the maintenance of the old area has not been completed, the production cannot be fully restored for the time being. It is expected that the output of V2O5 flake in April will be around 1,000 tons.
At the same time, the deployment of vanadium batteries by Chengyu Vanadium and Titanium Company is also in progress: a 3,600-cubic-meter-scale all-vanadium flow battery is currently under construction, and a 20,000-cubic-meter all-vanadium redox flow battery project will continue to be carried out after completion.