On 2 June, China published a white paper to clarify the facts about China-U.S. economic and trade talks and demonstrate its stance on trade friction with the United States.

As the second white paper released since last September, the paper is comprised of three parts excluding the foreword and closing, which are the trade friction provoked by the U.S. damages interests of both two countries and the whole world, the U.S. fails to keep faith and China always insists on the position of equity, mutual benefit and win-win.

As stated in the white paper, the Trump Administration provoked trade frictions successively with major trade partners by imposing additional tariffs and other means since his inauguration in 2017. The U.S. government started the China-U.S. trade friction unilaterally from March 2018, so China had to take powerful countermeasures to protect the interests of itself and its people. Meanwhile, always holding the basic position of solving dispute by negotiating, China held trade talks with the U.S. repeatedly and tried to stabilize bilateral economic and trade relations.

Recently, the U.S. decided to impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods, which is not helpful to final solution to China-U.S. trade friction. China strongly disagrees with it and is forced to take actions to protect its legal rights.

The white paper highlighted that China is always of consistent and explicit position and cooperation is the only option for China and the U.S. to solve trade friction. China is willing to cooperate for a mutually-beneficial and win-win agreement. However, China has its principle and bottom line and will never make concession in significant matters of principle.