China Responds With New Tariffs on US Minor Metals, Ferro-Alloys Imports From June 1

China will implement import tariffs on over 5,000 types of US goods, including ferro-vanadium, vanadium pentoxide and silicon, starting June 1, 2019, amid an escalating trade war between the two countries.From the start of next month, a 25% tariff will apply to vanadium pentoxide, vanadium oxides and hydroxides and ferro-vanadium containing 75% or more vanadium by weight from the United States. The same tariff will be applied to imports of tungsten trioxide, tellurium, silicon containing up to 99.99% silicon, ferro-silicon containing 55% or above of silicon by weight and unwrought magnesium containing 99.8% or more of magnesium. 

A 20% tariff will apply on US imports of tungsten powder, unwrought tungsten and tungsten wire, bismuth oxide and silicon containing 99.99% or more of silicon. 

Finally there will be a 10% tariff for US imports of tungsten and molybdenum products, including tungsten rods and molybdenum oxides and hydroxides, molybdenum powder, roasted molybdenum concentrate and wrought magnesium into China. 

The effect on prices is expected to be minimal due to the relative small volumes of these materials imported from the US into China. 

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