China’s FeV, V2O5 Exports Drop In May On Strengthening Domestic Market

A clear sign of strengthening in China’s vanadium market since late April due to active restocking by downstream mills caused export interest to wane and partly accounted for the evident month-on-month drop in export volumes registered in May, market participants said.

Chinese exports of ferro-vanadium (=75% vanadium content) stood at approximately 300 tonnes in May, down by 29.3% from about 424 tonnes in April, according to the latest available data from China Customs.
The country also exported 437 tonnes of vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) in May, a drop of 10.7% from about 489 tonnes in April, the customs data showed.
The declines come after many Chinese exporters showed little interest in shipping their cargoes abroad…