China’s Pangang Rolls Over Weekly Vanadium Guide Prices

Chinese state-controlled vanadium producer Panzhihua Iron and Steel (Pangang) rolled over its weekly guide prices today on limited market activity, after it raised its reference price on 25 January on higher buying interest from steel mills.

The company’s guide prices were unchanged at 106,000 yuan/t ($32.82/kg) for 50pc ferro-vanadium and Yn156,000/t for 77pc vanadium, 16pc nitrogen grade alloy.

Pangang launched weekly guide prices on 1 August 2016 to stabilise the market. The company adjusts its prices on Monday or Thursday depending on spot market conditions.

Argus assessed prices for 50pc grade alloy at Yn99,000-102,000/t ex-works today, unchanged from 25 January in line with stable pentoxide flake feedstock costs and unchanged offer prices from suppliers on limited demand from the steel sector.

Spot prices for vanadium-nitrogen alloy were stable at Yn148,000-150,000/t ex-works today given limited demand from steel mills and unchanged flake feedstock costs.

A Shaanxi-based vanadium-nitrogen alloy producer has maintained its offer prices in recent days in view of limited spot activity after many steel mills replenished sufficient alloy feedstock inventories in the last few weeks.

Pangang, with an output capacity of 40,000 t/yr, is forecast to produce 42,000t of vanadium in 2020, up by 2.44pc from 41,000t in 2019. China is expected to produce 135,000t of vanadium pentoxide equivalent in 2020, up by 7.48pc from 125,600t in 2019.


Pangang weekly vanadium guide prices Yn/t
Date FeV V-N alloy
1-Feb 106,000 156,000
25-Jan 106,000 156,000
18-Jan 102,000 155,000
11-Jan 102,000 155,000
4-Jan 102,000 155,000
28-Dec 102,000 155,000
21-Dec 96,000 146,000
17-Dec 95,000 141,000
14-Dec 93,000 135,000
7-Dec 93,000 135,000
3-Dec 93,000 135,000
30-Nov 91,000 132,000
26-Nov 91,000 132,000
23-Nov 90,000 130,000
16-Nov 90,000 130,000
9-Nov 100,000 145,000
2-Nov 100,000 145,000
26-Oct 100,000 145,000
19-Oct 100,000 145,000
12-Oct 100,000 145,000
21-Sep 108,000 159,000