Chinese Fuel-Cell Cars, Lithium-Ion Battery Growth, EPA And Health: Today’s Car News

Date: Apr 02, 2019

A Chinese hydrogen company introduces its own line of fuel-cell cars. A Texas startup plans to make motors more efficient. A report shows more battery production coming online. And without science boards the EPA questions some fundamental links. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The Chinese Institute of Geosciences and the Environment is launching a line of Grove fuel-cell cars, starting with an SUV for China later this year. After that it plans to export cars as well.

A new type of motor from a Texas startup promises to generate enough torque to eliminate any need for gearboxes in electric cars. The founders hit on the idea while developing rural water systems for Africa.

A report by mining consulting company shows the supply of lithium-ion batteries planned for production by 2023, is on track to grow by 50 percent this year.

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