Crestview: Investor Announcement

Crestview Exploration (CSE: CRS) (FSE: CE7) (”Crestview” or the ”Company”) has been made aware by regulators in Canada, that buy recommendations and letters including unsolicited and unfounded forward-looking statements are being circulated by mail in Canada. Crestview advises all investors and potential investors, to properly verify the information provided by any individual and or third parties regarding buy recommendations. These verifications should include namely but not exclusively, verifying all sources, especially if said sources are inducing investors and or potential investors that the Company should be generating profits, while it is still an Exploration Company. Furthermore, the information discussed herein is not emanating directly or indirectly by the Company and should not be construed as such.

For better clarity and to the best of the Company’s knowledge, no Officers and or Directors were involved in disseminating this letter. Crestview has not paid any compensation nor has it requested for this analyst to endorse the Company nor its stock.

Investors can visit the Crestview website for up-to-date information pertaining to the Company and its mining assets.

About Crestview Exploration Inc:

The Rock Creek Project is a volcanic and sediment-hosted, epithermal precious metal property, which is adjacent to mines with historical production, situated in the Tuscarora Mountains of northern Elko County, Nevada. Together the property comprises 74 unpatented lode mining claims. The Tuscarora Mountains host the northern end of Carlin-trend mineralization, a cluster of major, large gold deposits.