Critical Metals Closing In On Potential Investment Opportunities In Africa

Investment company Critical Metals says it stands ready to drive its strategy forward, despite the uncertainty around the supply of and demand for critical metals, as the need to invest in a stable supply becomes increasingly apparent.
Despite 2020 being considered a difficult year by the company, it still achieved an important milestone – listing on the LSE in September last year.
Critical Metals has already entered into early-stage discussions regarding a number of potential acquisition opportunities, in an effort to advance its strategy of identifying and acquiring brownfield mining projects in the strategic metals sector, while building value for shareholders.
The company is focused on “critical minerals”, meaning guaranteeing supply is seen as a strategic necessity, such as for antimony, beryllium, cobalt, copper, fluorspar, gold, rare earth elements, tin, tungsten and vanadium.
Critical Metals says demand for these metals has grown significantly in recent years owing to increased appetite for new technology and electric vehicles.
Additionally, the ongoing trade war between China and the US has been instrumental in highlighting the importance of thinking strategically about critical minerals to ensure a stable supply of metals that will allow economies to operate and grow, avoiding being at the mercy of foreign competitors.
The board of Critical Metals is considering acquisitions into operators or near-term production operators within the natural resources development and production sector in Africa.
The board started off by evaluating 16 of these companies for potential investment, but has since narrowed the list down to a small number of targets that meet stringent investment criteria and preliminary discussions continue with these companies.