Critical Minerals Present Investment Opportunities

Various minerals are critical inputs in new technology and, therefore, present opportunities for investors, research geologist Byron King said during the Green Energy Investment Opportunities virtual conference on July 27.
He expounded that rare-earth minerals were used to make high-tech weapons, as well as being used in cell phones, lightbulbs and electric vehicles.
A long list of materials, in addition to rare earth minerals, were critical to modern technology, King pointed out.
He cited a forecast by, which indicates that the metals most impacted by new technology are tin, lithium, cobalt, silver, nickel, gold, tungstenvanadium, graphite, niobium, zinc, platinum group metals and salt.
King said technology developments were taking place at a faster rate than expected. And, after many years in the investment doldrums, mining was making a rapid comeback.
He noted that precious metals have led the way.
King said there was an opportunity for western metal suppliers to capitalise on the growing demand for critical minerals.