Decreasing Activities And Stable Price Of Vanadium Market Up to now, the steel mills’ pre Festival procurement have come to an end. Vanadium market inquiry is significantly weaker than last week, and the market circulation of upstream and downstream products is reduced. At present, the enterprises that enquire for vanadium, ferrovanadium and VN alloy in the market are mainly traders. In the early stage, some traders receive orders from steel mills to prepare for purchase and delivery recently, while some traders prepare for storage and supply them to old customers after the festival. The traders offer about 98000 yuan / ton by cash for the purchase of ferrovanadium, and the price for the purchase of vanadium and nitrogen alloy is still between 144000 yuan / ton by cash. However, the vanadium and nitrogen alloy manufacturers receive orders closely and flow to bulk market There are not many vanadium and nitrogen alloys in the site. Most of the ferrovanadium enterprises are also mainly engaged in order production, but there is no shortage of spot quantity. The price quoted by the buyers is about 99000-100000 yuan / ton by cash.

In terms of V2O5 flake raw material, the three major manufacturers still insist on quotation of 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance at present. Downstream alloy factories pay close attention to whether there is any price adjustment before the festival. The supply of V2O5 flake in bulk market is tight, and it is still difficult for alloy factories to inquire about the price of 93000 yuan / ton. Therefore, the vanadium market as a whole shows a trend of reducing circulation of spot goods, decreasing market activity, and stagnant price consolidation.