Different Vanadium Products Have Different Market This Week

www.ferroalloynet.com: This week all the vanadium products have different market movements. However, the overall vanadium alloy market is a bit weak because of the steady raw material prices.

In terms of vanadium raw materials, the deal price for ammonium metavanadate is increasing slightly to 101000-103000 CNY/T by cash and few chemical ammonium metavanadate 98% can reach the deals at 105000-106000 CNY/T by cash. And the transaction price for V205 flake in bulk market insists at 107500-110000 CNY/T by cash with few higher price at 110000 CNY/t above. Though the alloy companies intend to buy at a lower price, many V205 flake producers are insisting the price, which makes the low deal price to be vanished.

As for alloy market, the offering market from traders is active when the deal price of VN alloy increases to 165000 CNY/T. However, this active offer in VN alloy market pulls the offering price by 2000-3000 CNY/T over that last week for the abundant supply. The tender price for VN alloy this week steadily insist at 169000-170000 CNY/t by acceptance with tax. Nevertheless, the ferrovanadium offering market is also a bit quiet at present and the deal price is going down slightly with the high price from raw materials. And part of ferrovanadium plants are still under suspension production. The current tender price for ferrovanadium 50# from steel is at 117000-121000 CNY/T by acceptance and the quotation price for ferrovanadium 50# is 116000-118000 CNY/T by Cash. The deal price for Fev 50# is increasing slightly by 1000 CNY/T TO 140000-121000 CNY/T with exfactory price by acceptance today.