www.ferroalloynet.com: At present, the quotation of domestic vanadium enterprises is stable, the quotation of vanadium nitrogen alloy is at 139000-140000 yuan / ton with tax by cash and fev50 of 96000-98000 yuan / ton. However, the bidding price of VN alloy shall not exceed 142000 yuan / ton with tax by acceptance, and that of 50 fev shall not exceed 99000 yuan / ton with tax by cash. The alloy end continues to bear pressure, and the Vanadium price is barely stable. The quotation of vanadium manufacturers in bulk market is relatively small, and some manufacturers say that due to the lack of spot goods, the high price is now at 94000 yuan / ton. Because the price of the products of the large vanadium factories kept the level of last month, the downstream alloy factories generally thought that the price was too high and it was difficult to receive orders.

According to the feedback of some traders, the steel plants just need to reduce the price of purchase, and the purchase price of some small steel plants is basically stable at the current amount of 139000 yuan / ton, so the intention price of traders for VN alloy is mostly about 137000 yuan / ton, including tax by cash. But most of the alloy plants have a relatively strong mentality. They do not ship at low prices, while the low price supply is relatively limited. The purchase is difficult to deal, and they are more cautious in the near future .