Domestic Vanadium Market Continues To Show A Pull Up Trend At the beginning of this week, compared with last week’s spot price of domestic vanadium market, the market was not quiet in the past weekend, and the inquiry was still active. Due to the strong bidding price of steel mills in recent days, and the tight spot goods in the market, the domestic vanadium market has been generally optimistic since the beginning of this week. It will continue to be the theme of domestic vanadium market this week to hold goods, raise quotation and wait and see transactions.
1. V2O5 flake retail suppliers are waiting to see the price of large factories in June
Due to the good trading situation and price trend of vanadium alloy, the manufacturers are more active to inquiry V2O5 flake. According to our understanding, downstream alloy factories sign more orders until the end of June and the beginning of July, and the price is high, and the acceptable price of V2O5 flake is also gradually widened. Currently, the inquiry price in the market is up to 100,000 Yuan/ton in cash, but it is still difficult to find spot goods, and the traders hold the spot goods but not willing to sell. The large V2O5 flake factories haven’t confirmed the price yet. This week, the V2O5 flake market is still dominated by tight supply and high price.
2. The quotations of FeV manufacturers have been raised one after another
According to last weekend’s bidding price of FeV, the final purchasing price of Laiwu Steel was 108,700 Yuan/ton by acceptance including tax. Compared with the market price, the bidding price has risen a big step. This bidding price is closely related to the mentality of the bidding manufacturers. At the end of last month, the FeV manufacturers had low inventory, and the old customers need to sign the orders, but the it is difficult for FeV manufacturers to purchase V2O5 flake. With the gradual increase of V2O5 flake, the manufacturers bid based on high quotation of V2O5 flake, so the bidding price has a big rise. As for the manufacturers, the current quotation is also in the range of 105,000-107,000 Yuan/ton in cash, and the shortage of V2O5 flake continuously affects the ferrovanadium manufacturers to sign futures orders.
3. The quotation of VN alloy is generally up
Influenced by the bidding price of nearly 160,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance last week, the futures price of VN alloy manufacturers in June started to reach 160,000 Yuan/ton in cash this week, and the futures transaction price in July is 158,000 Yuan/ton in cash, and the spot quotation has reached 162,000-163,000 Yuan/ton in cash. Last Thursday, Benxi Steel received the highest bidding price of 158,500 Yuan/ton by acceptance, and Xuanhua Steel is still negotiating for 180 tons of VN alloys. Echeng Steel will start bidding for 45 tons today, and the bidder said that the price is more likely to exceed the price of 160,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance.