Domestic Vanadium Market Price Shows A Firm Trend At the beginning of this week, the domestic vanadium market offers fewer shipments for the time being, but most of them are careful not to offer low prices. The rising price in the international market has increased confidence in the domestic market. At present, the mainstream price of VN alloy bidding for steel plants is still between 142500-143000 yuan / ton, and the manufacturers’ current price is no less than 140000 yuan / ton. The low price in the ferrovanadium market is reduced, and the lowest price is 97000 yuan / ton by cash. The general quotation is still in the range of 98000-99000 yuan / ton. The low price of 96500 yuan / ton in the bulk market last week has been hard to find. Pangang has to wait for the manufacturer to make a price before quoting. At the same time, it indicates that the possibility of slightly increasing the quotation this week is high. This week’s vanadium in bulk market is still tight, and a small amount of spot quotation is between 93200-94000 yuan / ton.

With the strong increase of vanadium price in the international market, the domestic market has less concerns about the source of imported goods, and more optimistic about the export of raw materials. The market confidence has been boosted. Without price adjustment of large vanadium plants, the willingness of alloy end to hold up the price has increased. With the approach of a new round of steel bidding, the improvement of transaction at least keeps the vanadium market stable.