Domestic Vanadium Prices Are Strong This Week This week, the domestic vanadium market is in the stage of gradual recovery after the festival. Up to now, the market price of ammonium metavanadate and powder has not fluctuated because of the low operating rate. V2O5 flakes are in short supply. The actual transaction price is RMB 95000-96000 / ton by cash, and the futures booking price is also RMB 95000 / ton. The volume of Desheng in February has been signed and sold at the price of 96000/ton by acceptance, and Jianlong said that it will start pricing shipment next week. In addition to Panzhihua, ferrovanadium is also shut down in a large area, most of which can be re produced next week, and the market price is between 108000-110000 yuan / ton. The steel bidding price has also been raised from 106000 yuan / ton by acceptance at the beginning of the week to 109000 yuan / ton by acceptance today. In terms of vanadium nitrogen alloy, the steel bidding price this week also shows a strong upward trend. The market price is between 158000-16000 yuan / ton.

Next week, it is expected that ferrovanadium plants will gradually resume production, and some ammonium metavanadate and powder enterprises will gradually start construction. The supply of vanadium market will move to the buffer stage, and the logistics of various regions will still be limited. Therefore, next week, it is expected that the spot flow of vanadium market will still be tight, and the price may continue to remain strong in this atmosphere.