Eclipse Metals Uncovers More High-Grade Rare Earth Results From Greenland Multi-Commodity Project

Eclipse Metals Ltd (ASX:EPM) has revealed total rare earth oxide (TREO) grades up to 4.66% in new carbonatite samples from the Grønnedal-Ika prospect at Eclipse’s multi-commodity Greenland Project, confirming the high-grade nature of the system hosted there.
Of six new samples taken, four returned values in excess of 1.00% TREO, consistent with previously reported REE assays.
Highlight multi-element assays from surface sampling of the Ivigtût and Grønnedal-Ika prospects include:
165 g/t silver, 0.15% copper, 3.83% lead and 0.37% zinc from Ivigtût mine dump;
0.32% lanthanum, 0.83% cerium, 0.12% praseodymium, 0.43% neodymium, 0.07% samarium, 0.05% gadolinium and 0.06% yttrium in Grønnedal-Ika surface sample;
0.60% lanthanum, 1.7% cerium, 0.24% praseodymium, 0.82% neodymium, 0.16% samarium, 0.11% gadolinium and 0.0.11% yttrium in Grønnedal-Ika surface sample;
0.27% lanthanum, 0.73% cerium, 0.10% praseodymium, 0.39% neodymium, 0.07% samarium, 0.05% gadolinium and 0.05% yttrium in Grønnedal-Ika surface sample; and,
0.65% niobium, 34 g/t silver, 0.96% lead, 0.15% copper, 0.16% tin, 200 parts per million lithium and 4.40% fluorine in Grønnedal-Ika surface grab sample of vein material.
REE exploration to provide data for 3D model
“Our grab sampling program has once again verified the potential of both Ivigtût and Grønnedal-Ika to host REE mineralisation as well as precious, base and industrial metals, which is very encouraging, especially as the demand for REEs, in particular dysprosium, neodymium and praseodymium, as well as niobium continues to grow,” Eclipse Metals executive chair Carl Popal said.
“We have many historical core samples from Ivigtût that need to be assayed for these elements as there had not been any REE exploration previously at the project and this will provide us with a better understanding of what the existing pit holds, while we plan to create a 3D model for Grønnedal-Ika using the data we have at hand.
“I am planning a site visit to Greenland and we are in the process to submit a work program to the Greenland Mineral Licence and Safety Authority (MLSA) for onsite work programs starting in the next few months as we work to progress our exploration and uncover the project’s full potential.”
About Eclipse Metals
Eclipse Metals is focused on exploration in south-western Greenland and Australia’s Northern Territory and Queensland for multi-commodity mineralisation.
The company has a large portfolio of assets prospective for cryolite, fluorite, siderite, quartz, rare earth elements, gold, platinum group metals, manganese, palladium, vanadium, and uranium mineralisation.
Eclipse aims to increase shareholders’ wealth through capital growth by exploring and developing viable mineral deposits to generate mining or joint venture incomes.