EDF Energy has become the latest energy giant to ramp up its offer to electric vehicle (EV) drivers, announcing last week that it has teamed up with battery car leasing specialist DriveElectric to help its customers make a “hassle-free” to switch to plug-in vehicles.

The new partnership, which was announced on Thursday, is designed to provide a “one-stop shop” for EDF Energy customers looking to switch to an EV, by helping them find the most suitable lease terms and charging set-up, the companies said.

DriveElectric managing director Mike Potter said the “huge” tie-up opened up an opportunity for the firm to connect with millions of EDF Energy’s customers across the UK and share its EV expertise.

“EDF Energy is the biggest supplier of electricity by volume in Great Britain and as such, we have the opportunity to help thousands of EDF Energy customers make the change to an electric vehicle and, most importantly, support them through that change and beyond,” he said.

The initiative is designed to bolster EDF Energy’s GoElectric off-peak charging electricity tariff package, which aims to encourage its customers to switch to an EV, with the firm also providing information on battery car purchasing, leasing, and charging.

It follows hot on the heels of another EV partnership announced by EDF Energy on Wednesday which sees it team up with NEoT Capital to accelerate the delivery of key charging infrastructure for EVs in the UK.

Under the partnership NEoT Capital – which specialises in distributed renewable energy and zero emission mobility – will act as EDF Energy’s preferred provider for financing EVs, particularly electric buses and batteries, and related infrastructure, it explained.

In return, EDF Energy will be NEoT Capital’s preferred partner to provide EV charging infrastructure engineering, procurement, and construction, and management services.

Beatrice Bigois, managing director for customers at EDF Energy, said accelerating the adoption of EV required companies to “find innovative ways” to finance the necessary investments. “This strategic partnership with NEoT Capital will help us make electric mobility a reality for our customers,” she said.

Last month EDF Energy launched a major consumer-facing EV marketing push with a primetime advert on UK television, featuring people travelling on a range of EVs, from cars to skateboards, to a scenic spot overlooking the British countryside.