ESJ Plans To Invest 30 Million Yuan To Develop VRB in Xinjiang

On November 11, Leshan Shengjia Electric Co., Ltd. announced that it plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Xinjiang Shengjia Energy Co., Ltd. in Xinjiang with a registered capital of 30 million yuan, and its business scope is energy storage battery R & D, production and power station operation.

Shengjia Electric said that the purpose of this investment is to expand the energy storage market in Xinjiang and develop new areas of energy storage batteries.

It is understood that Leshan Shengjia Electric Co., Ltd. has Leshan Innovative Energy Storage Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., which is engaged in research on liquid flow battery. Leshan Shengjia Electric Co., Ltd. also participated in the procurement of all vanadium liquid flow battery energy storage system equipment of Hebei Fengning wind storage demonstration project phase I project, but failed to win the bid.

Xinjiang has launched the pilot project of joint operation of photovoltaic energy storage, and the integrated operation of photovoltaic energy storage enjoys photovoltaic subsidies. The list of the first batch of projects shows that 10 companies including BECE, GUONENGYUXIN, Zhiguang energy storage, EAST, SUNGROW, State Grid Energy Conservation, SPES, DYNAVOLT TECH., Trina Solar and BAK Battery have joined 36 photovoltaic energy storage companies in southern Xinjiang, becoming the first pioneers of southern Xinjiang optical energy storage project. The total scale of the project is 221MW/446MWh.