Eskom Announces Stage 2 Load Shedding From 5-10 Pm On Monday

Eskom announced on Monday afternoon that it will implement stage 2 load shedding from 5 pm until 10 pm.
South Africans got a temporary reprieve when power cuts, which were meant to last until earlier on Monday morning, were suspended on Saturday due to improvements in the generation capacity.
In a statement, the power utility said: “A generation unit each at Kriel, Grootvlei and Majuba power stations tripped this afternoon. This added to the severe constraints caused by delays in returning generation units that were expected this afternoon.
“As previously communicated, the capacity constraints are expected to persist during the evening peaks for the remainder of the week. At the same time, a unit each at Hendrina and Kendal power stations returned to service. This, however, is not enough to stave off the implementation of load shedding during the evening peak tonight.”
Earlier, the power utility warned that it may be forced to implement load shedding at a short notice due to the power system being severely constrained in the evenings.
The utility is keeping a close eye on the system for any breakdowns in the currently available capacity.